About Dr. Kot

Experience and Background

Dr. Kot obtained his doctorate in Combined Clinical and School Psychology from Hofstra University in New York (accredited by the American Psychological Association). He also obtained his Master's degree in Combined Clinical and School Psychology from Hofstra University. Dr. Kot's doctoral and clinical training was based on a scientist-practitioner model which emphasizes not only the art of clinical practice, but also psychology as a science derived from clinical research. Dr. Kot has been involved in and has conducted research since his predoctoral training. He has presented papers at national and international conferences and has been published in peer reviewed journals. Concerning his undergraduate education, Dr. Kot received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Seton Hall University in New Jersey where he majored in Psychology and minored in Latin.

For his predoctoral training, Dr. Kot completed his internship in two areas: clinical psychology and school psychology. For his school psychology internship placement, he worked in the Sewanhaka Central High School District in New York under direct supervision of a licensed psychologist. There, he conducted therapy as well as testing and assessment with adolescents and young adults who had a broad range of emotional and learning issues.

For his clinical internship, Dr. Kot completed his predoctoral training at the BioBehavioral Institute in New York , a world renowned clinic that specializes in the treatment and research of anxiety spectrum disorders. There, he worked with an interdisciplinary team for the integration of behavioral and psychiatric care. He conducted intensive cognitive-behavioral therapy, including exposure and response prevention (E/RP) and cognitive restructuring on various populations with diagnoses including Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and many others. During this time he also worked at the Psychological Evaluation and Research Center (PERC) at Hofstra University where he conducted behavioral therapy and performed comprehensive psychological and psycho-educational assessments for learning disabilities and various other disorders.

During his graduate education, Dr. Kot also accumulated extensive experience working with the developmentally disabled adults and children diagnosed with behavioral disorders in formulating behavior modification plans which utilize applied behavior analysis ( ABA ) to change and shape behavior.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Kot is a supervising clinical psychologist at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital where he supervises other psychologists as well as psychology interns who are part of the New Jersey State Psychology Internship Program.