Testing and Assessment

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Assessments

Dr. Kot is trained in the areas of both Clinical and School Psychology and provides comprehensive assessments for AD/HD in both children and adults. Utilizing the most contemporary and well-respected instruments in the field coupled with knowledge of current research in the area, Dr. Kot believes he provides some of the most comprehensive and valid assessments of AD/HD in the area.

Given the proliferation of literature in the popular media concerning AD/HD in both children and adults, Dr. Kot understands that the relative dearth of information on this often-misunderstood diagnosis can be confusing and even distressing. As part of his assessment, Dr. Kot offers an educational component to answer any questions that may arise which is based on his clinical experience and knowledge of current research. In this way, a client may make a truly informed decision whether to proceed with testing or explore other options.

There is no one test that can distinguish the presence of AD/HD. In fact, reliance on a limited number or inappropriate types of tests can lead to misdiagnosis. In some instances, the symptoms of AD/HD are in fact better accounted for by other disorders such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or even Learning Disabilities. The issues of misdiagnosis and stigma cannot be overstated as they determine course of treatment and ultimately an individual's view of themselves.

Dr. Kot believes in a comprehensive, systematic, and objective approach to AD/HD assessment that evaluates the areas that can be impacted most by this disorder: intelligence, memory, attention, behavior, and personality. Academic achievement may also be included in this battery if appropriate. By attaining convergent validity with state-of-the-art instruments and weighing clinical judgment, Dr. Kot believes he provides a contemporary and verifiable assessment battery to reach an accurate diagnosis.

A typical comprehensive battery for AD/HD is comprised of several components:

The battery of tests described above usually takes between four to six hours of face-to-face test administration. Following the actual administration, a comprehensive report is generated that integrates all testing results and provides a diagnosis, as well as recommendations for remediation. The report is then discussed at a feedback session