Testing and Assessment

Adolescent and Adult Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities

Parents of children with autism spectrum or other neurodevelopmental disorders are faced with unique challenges at all stages of their children’s lives. While testing and assessment for special accommodations and services are often provided for during a child’s early education, these resources become more limited as the child becomes an adult. Once an adult, parents often find their children require continued support and cannot rely on a school system or agency once their children have aged-out of programs. Oftentimes, it becomes necessary to secure certain entitlements and services, including social security and disability, from State and Federal programs. Entitlements and services, including housing, are a means of preparation for the future. In these instances, a comprehensive assessment that details history and provides documentation of specific diagnoses as well as functional impairments is necessary to secure these entitlements and services from State and Federal agencies. Dr. Kot has worked with individuals and families with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities for over 20 years and conducts these types of assessments in order to help individuals and families obtain services and security for the future.